Theme C: Managing cycling infrastructure

WP9: A computer aided methodology for describing the quality of cycling infrastructure

This study will make use of the results from previous syntheses (i.e. WP 5 and 8). This study will develop guidelines for the collection of field data on environmental attributes that cyclists perceive to varying degrees as important, will examine the costs for using different methodologies to collect data (i.e. field work vs use of satellite imagery etc.) and investigate the accuracy of different data collection approaches. This information will be used to draw conclusions about the cost effectiveness of designing a computer aided tool for describing the quality of streets and paths from a cyclist’s point of view.

Contact: Dr Pelle Envall

WP10: Tools for planning and supervising maintenance of cycle routes

This study aims to investigate the feasibility and design of an add-on to the computer aided cycle planning tool described above. The purpose would be to make it possible to consider maintenance during the planning of new cycling infrastructure and also to make it possible to make greater use of already existing data in order to make maintenance more cost-effective and more responsive to the aspects most important to cyclists.

Contact: Dr Anna Niska, VTI

WP11: Quality assurance and development of new functionality for online cycle journey planners

The purpose of this study is to develop new functions for cycle journey planners, and to verify the quality of existing online journey planners. The study will develop algorithms for route choice calculations that better correspond to the needs of cyclists than existing algorithms, and take account of additional criteria desired by cyclists.

Contact: Dr Pelle Envall, Dr Leonid Engelson

WP12: The electric bike: new demands on cycling infrastructure?

This study will investigate the extent to which the growing number of electric bikes places new demand on the design of cycling infrastructure and town planning in general.

Contact: Mr Michael Koucky, Koucky & Partners