Theme B: User values

WP6: Analyses of cyclists' route choices and demands on the street environment.

What is the role of Bicycle Parking for Increased Cycling in Large Cities?

This literature review describes the depth of knowledge in regards to the importance of good bicycle parking in larger cities (such as Stockholm; 800,000 inhabitants, for example). The study describes, amongst other things, how good bicycle parking solutions can contribute to achieving policy goals such as increasing the proportion of people travelling by bicycle. The results of the study show that bicycle users in cities consider high quality bicycle parking to be important. It also shows that there is research in the field that is poorly distributed amongst planning practitioners.

The study identifies six quality characteristics for a good bicycle parking facility. The study also presents evidence from international studies that show that investments in improved bicycle parking can increase the number of bicycle trips by between 8 and 13%, depending on the extent of investments.

The study has been carried out in corporation between CyCity and The Swedish Transport Administration. Please contact Pelle Envall for any queries regarding the report (pelle.envall @ Download report

WP7: Factors affecting the modal choice of cycling, especially when it comes to 'new' cyclists.
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WP8: Synthesis: the most important environmental attributes of street environments for different user groups and the possibility to satisfy different user needs.
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